Used Disney Tickets- Used Disney Hopper Tickets

Used Disney Tickets- Used Disney Hopper Tickets

Several years ago the State of Florida passed a law forbidding the resale of used Disney tickets.  Today, uninformed tourists will still comes across people trying to sell off the remaining days on their Disney tickets through various venues.  Disney frowns on this practice and will not help to reimburse you should an issue arise with re-sold partially used tickets.  More often times than none the partially used ticket will not work at the gates and Disney simply stamps void on your ticket and sends you on your way with no recourse.

There is a reason why you take your chances when purchasing partially used Disney World tickets.  Effective January 1, 2004 Disney changed the way their tickets work.  No longer were they using a paper ticket that was stamped as you used your tickets.  Instead they adopted a new technology with a ‘credit’ card style ticket with a magnetic strip.  So only Disney could verify what is left on a particular ticket  They also implemented  a system that connects your bio metric print to the ticket as well.  So only the original user will know how many days are left on the ticket and have the matching bio-metric print to go along with the ticket.

A smart and savvy customer will never purchase used Disney tickets.  The risks far outweigh the rewards.  Our customers have the peace of mind knowing they are dealing with a legitimate contracted ticket  agent for Disney World and all the major Central Florida attractions.  The safest and best way to purchase discounted Disney World tickets is through a reputable travel agent or contracted ticket broker.  All our tickets are NEW and UNUSED.  We have been in business since July of 1983 and are proud members of the BBB with a flawless track record. 

Still have questions or concerns?  Please don’t hesitate to email or call us with.  Below you’ll find a link to take you to our Disney price page where you can compare prices and packages to suit your needs. 

One Final Note:  Discount Disney Ticket Agents should not be confused with the kiosks found in parking lots around the Orlando and Kissimmee area offering huge discounts over gate prices.  99.9% of all these locations are in someway associated with a timeshare presentation.  In other words, you will have to sit through a timeshare presentation in order to get the savings being advertised.  At, we only sell tickets both online and in person.  There are no timeshare pitches, no vouchers and no gimmicks.  You get the same ticket you’d purchase at the gate only for less through us.