Finding Mysterious Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys Book

To find “Hidden Mickeys,” you don’t even have to buy an admission ticket to the park. But it helps. You probably already know this but a Hidden Mickey is usually a combination of three circles that form a Mickey head. Of course, at times, it can be a silhouette or disguised figure or hidden in an unusual location or even just a written reference.

Some guests have become experts at finding them. They can be addictive. But they are always fun as well. Particularly when standing in line. Or just walking through the park. If you want to know where to look, here are some examples to start with.

Help in Finding Hidden Mickeys

Good luck on finding your own. And our advice: have fun but don’t get addicted or obsessed with finding them. They’re everywhere.

To start, you can find many hidden Mickeys just by standing in line to get into rides.

The walls of the line waiting to get into “Buzz Lightyear” have a lot of intriguing things to look at. But wait: before you get there, look for the silhouette inside a planet that looks like home. Another hidden Mickey.

If you happen to be at the entrance to Main Street USA in early evening, stand facing the Main Street Train Station with your back to the castle. The sun casts a hidden Mickey shadow on the ground from the street lamps that surround the entrance. This can also be seen in late afternoon. But it is not easy to spot (proving that finding them is not always easy). Also, the roof scrollwork on the top of the station can reveal more hidden Mickeys.

Waiting Lines Can be Rewarding

In the lobby or waiting area for the Hall of Presidents presentation, check out the presidential exhibits and paintings. Near the entrance to the theater is a large painting that features the good old founder of the US, George Washington. For a view of a hidden Mickey, check out the tip of the sword he is holding (what is good about this one is that you don’t even have to stay for the entire presentation).

If you are outside the Yankee Trader Shop, look for a hidden Mickey on the ground. A water utility cover serves as Mickey’s head, while two hoof prints engraved in the cement serve as his ears.

At the parks themselves, during many rides, there are various easy-to-spot Mickeys.

Taking the Kilimanjaro Safari around Animal Kingdom, close observers will see the three circle head near the Flamingo Island.

Finding more Three Circles

Another three-circle Mickey head can be seen formed on the floor of the aquarium at “The Seas with Nemo and Friends.”It is best seen from the upstairs observation decks.

“Spaceship Earth” is a good source. Just one of them is the left of the ride at the Renaissance Art or Painting section. There is a classic three-circle Mickey.

You also have to actually go on a ride to dare “Splash Mountain” to find your goal. There are many Mickeys, but one is just as the ride is about to plunge into the left side of the opening. Sticking out into the opening: the nose of a profile of Mickey Mouse.

On the “Carousel of Progress,” there are several hidden Mickeys. They include a plush Mickey hiding among the presents under the Christmas Tree and a Sorcerer Mickey abstract painting on the dining room wall. Also, check out the Nutcrackers Mickey on the fireplace mantel.

“The Great Movie Ride” also has many Mickeys. You can find one by looking closely at the hieroglyphics in the Indiana Jones scene. This one is somewhat different, however, since it is a Pharaoh Mickey (an added bonus: his servant Donald). R2D2 and C3PO can also be found here.

You can also find Hidden Mickeys everywhere in “Mickey’s Country House.” They are visible on the fence posts, and on the picture frames in the living room, among other spots.

Making it Easy

Hidden Mickeys Book

If you want to see a lot of Mickeys, try the Wilderness Lodge. Not only are there many (to find for yourself, this time), but you can request a hunt paper from the concierge desk to help find them.

You might also consider picking up a copy of “The Hidden Mickey Guide” which you might consider cheating but the truth is, even knowing exactly where to look it’s still a fun activity!