Disney considering tiered ticket pricing based on season.

Magic Your Way Ticket Tiered Pricing

The internet was sent abuzz when rumors of a survey hit the internet regarding the Walt Disney World Resort considering a major change to its ticket pricing structure.  A survey sent out to select people shows a new pricing structure broken up into 3 tiers depending on the time of the year and day of the week you planned on visiting.  Bear in mind that this is nothing more than a survey currently to gauge feedback and interest in the idea.

The new proposed tiered system would introduce “Gold,” “Silver,” and “Bronze” price levels for single day single park tickets one-day, one-park tickets at Walt Disney World. This proposed new system would in turn affect multi day packages as well due to way the system would be structured based on the day and season you would be visiting.

As of right now, Disney’s current Magic Your Way ticket packages have no date restrictions and can be used any-day at any time with no black outs or restrictions with the exception of all days having to be used within 14 days of first usage.

The pros new Disney ticket pricing is that with the increase in pricing during peak days it may help alleviate the large crowds.  However the flip side would be guests wanting to maximize their time in the parks may start filling up off peak days due to the lower pricing, Below is a basic break down of how the tiers would work along with an overview calendar.

 Under the proposed new system.  A calendar year is split into three tiers, each tier having its own pricing.

  • Gold tickets are valid any day of the year.
  • Silver tickets are valid most days of the year except for peak and holiday weeks.
  • Bronze tickets are valid only during off-peak weekdays.
  • Multi-day tickets crossing two or more seasons must be purchased at the highest season’s price.
  • Guests visiting on a day that is currently blocked out on their ticket can upgrade to a higher-season ticket.

 Disney also included a pricing structure and calendar indicating when each tier applies as part of the survey.

Magic Your Way Ticket Tiered Pricing

It’s important to note that this was only a survey and is not anything happening in the immediate future that we know off.  Disney routinely survey’s guest with ideas seeking feedback on them.  Some ideas make it while others don’t.  Please stay tuned for any other info that may or may not be released.