Dinosaur World, An (Almost) Forgotten World

There are all kinds of world theme parks in Orlando besides Disney. But here’s one you may have missed.

Many people do.

You can find dinosaur exhibits at the major theme parks. But this place is exclusively for them.

It’s Dinosaur World. And it’s not really in Orlando but close.

It’s easily located between Orlando and Tampa. Visible on the main highway, I-4, linking the two cities.

A bargain-priced theme park

But the best part is the price: a family of four can explore it for less than $65, including tax.

No one needs to remind you that it is a bargain price (one person alone costs more at major theme parks).

No, this is not a major theme park with all the bells and whistles.

You can’t even buy a “dino-burger” here.

But parking is free.

Its staff is generally friendly as any you will find at bigger parks, ala Disney.

The park is open year round, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What can you see here?

A very simple park

More than 200 life-size dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus Rex, and all the rest. Exhibits. The area’s “largest interactive boneyard.” A natural setting for dinosaurs. A fossil dig. A Dino Gem Excavation area. A giant skeletal playground.

“This is a very simple park, being a giant forest with some big reproductions of more than 200 dinosaurs,” was the impression of one blogger.

A highlight for both kids and adults: the Exploration Cave Show. Dinosaur World’s expert actors/paleontologists give kids an opportunity to ask questions, handle artifacts and learn about prehistoric creatures. It’s held in an attractive setting: a large cave.

”The foliage is very thick (a la Animal Kingdom), so the sun won’t bother you,” wrote another.

So where is it if not in Orlando?

It’s just off Interstate 4 at Exit 17 in Plant City, Florida.

If you are in the Tampa area the attraction is located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Tampa.

From the Orlando area, plan on spending 45 minutes to one hour on the road.

Don’t leave home without lunch or dinner

So bring your own picnic lunch. PS: if you don’t want to bring your own food, pizza delivery is available.

Phone: 813-717-9865 or [email protected]. 5145 Harvey Tew Road, Plant City, 33565. ###