Walt Disney World: New Attractions Coming Soon

Anyone who has been to any one of Disney’s 4 Main parks have noticed a lot of “pardon our dust” signs everywhere.  Disney has been on a roll with new attractions, rehabs of current ones or expansions that will be coming online in the near future.  The grandest of all new attraction openings will be the long anticipated arrival of the “Avatar” themed attraction coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 2017.

Below is a brief summary of what’s in store at the Disney parks in the near future.

Coming to Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom will be showcasing it’s largest expansion to date with the arrival of James Cameron’s “Avatar.”  Early reports show that the main ride will be a 3-D adventure and a boat themed attraction as well.  The land will showcase some incredible features from the film, such as Pandora’s floating mountains, and bio-luminescent plants.  The themed land area will also offer dining and shopping options to compliment the new attraction.

The introduction of this new section of the park is a step in the right direction to make Disney’s Animal Kingdom a full day venue on par with its other 3 main parks.  Plans also call for extending hours at the park along with a new nighttime event being named “Rivers of Light.”  Things are looking bright for the next chapter at Disney’s Animal Kingdom…stay tuned for more details as they are announced.

Coming to Epcot

Coming in 2016 to the Norway Pavilion located in Epcot’s World Showcase section is the new attraction inspired by Disney’s hit movie Frozen called “Frozen ever After.”  This new attraction is replacing Maelstrom at the Norway pavilion.  It will feature a slow boat ride and allow guests to experience scenes from the movie, including every parents’ favorite song that they can never get enough off  “Let It Go.”

Soarin’, a hugely popular attraction at Epcot will also be receiving some minor theater tweaks and upgrades in the coming months.

 Coming to Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Midway Mania, is a 3-D ride and game combo attraction. Because of its immense popularity, the lines to the ride can be very long at times.  Plans call for adding an additional track inside the ride to help alleviate the wait times.

It was also recently announced that they will be bringing back “Frozen Summer Fun Live!”  This extrmemely popular event features sing alongs with the audience as well as a parade inspired by the hit movie.

Although not officially confirmed or announced, there has been some chatter regarding more Star War themed attractions coming to the park. Stay tuned for any details coming online in the future.

Coming to Magic Kingdom

Nothing much is on the horizon with the Magic Kingdom.  After opening the largest expansion in the parks’ history in Fantasyland, small rehab and clean up projects can be found throughout the park but nothing major to note.