The many varieties of Disney World Tickets

Disney World Tickets

Walt Disney World is one of the dream destinations irrespective of what age group the person belongs to. Those cute and colorful Disney characters exist deep down in everyone’s memories. Walt Disney offers you amazing options and features on the visit, so that you can have a splendid time, and take some of the most wonderful and bagful of memories back home. To get incredible values, Disney has launched oodles of options in Disney world tickets for its visitors.

Disney World Tickets:

Disney World TicketsIt is highly recommended that you understand the difference and values between these Disney world tickets, in order to avail the best discounts. During a busy tourist season, the tickets for this theme park may get expensive. However, if you know to play your trick smart enough, then you can enjoy exciting offers and discounts.

When you pack for your travel, keep some added cash separately as the Disney tickets would be a major expense for you.

How to buy cheap Disney tickets:

Before the final purchase of your ticket, you would need to consider a few factors like; the rates, availability, discount and validity of the ticket. It is highly recommended that you book your ticket from a registered website or a trusted dealer. The price of Walt Disney has increased since Feb,2015. This has hit the market by 5 percent.

Some of the recommended ticket providers or dealers are Parksavers, Official Ticket Center and Undercover Tourists. DO NOT believe in the sugar coated sentences for buying these tickets. Understand all the features and benefits before making the payment.

Tips to choose the correct ticket and maximize your leisure time at Disney World:

  • One of the most important things to remember is that you take a photocopy of your ticket. You may simply click a picture of your ticket from your phone. This will help you to claim your ticket case it is lost or stolen.

  • Take a printout of both the sides of your Disney World tickets as the code on the backside of your ticket will help you with a replacement. Disney takes no guarantee for lost and stolen tickets.

  • If you buy the ticket from the main entrance, then save the receipt with you. This will act as a proof of your purchase. We advise you to book your tickets in advance to prevent any price hike of the festive season.

  • One of the best ways to save money is by booking the tickets online. Online research helps to choose the most feasible ticket for the theme park and get an entry straight to the entrance. We of course would like you to purchase your Disney World tickets from us becuase we do offer the cheapest Disney World tickets and we do not use any tricks like adding tax at checkout or force you into a timeshare presentation. 

  • Online tickets save you from the queue of the ticket counter. Some registered online websites provide you a Magic morning on the purchase of minimum 3-day ticket. Magic morning gives you an early entry to the park, so that you get to spend more time in Disney World. These are usually applicable on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  • Check the events and schedules before buying your ticket. The school schedule and holiday season may make it challenging to enjoy all the rides and roam around peacefully.

  • Book your hotel in the Disney World. This will give you ample of opportunities to enjoy such as the extra magic hour.

  • To utilize the full benefit of your Disney World Tickets, reach the park early, so that you get ample of time to explore.

  • Make a plan and prioritize your activities. A planned activity list will make you make the most of it.

  • Make backup plans for your reservations and emergency situations such as a lost child.

Types of Disney World Tickets:


Go for the option of FastPass+ if you are buying tickets from an authorized dealer. With FastPass+ you will be entitled to popular attractions such as; the Seven Dwarfs Mine train, Toy Story Mania and much more. You may have to book your FastPass+ in advance in order to check the availability. You may check the FAQs related to this ticket on the web.

Your time schedule also depends on the Park Hopper option. In case you have ample of time to explore the Walt Disney World, Park Hopper is a perfect choice for the tourists. To add to the excitement, the Park Hopper option will give you an opportunity to visit multiple parks per day. There are certain events which close down sooner and in the tour of the park, you may miss these events if you do not have the Park Hopper Tickets. To the amazement, these tickets do not cost much and will prove to be a money saver if you buy multiple tickets for different days.

Affiliation Discount Disney World Offers:

The third option is the affiliation discount. There is a fair chance that you might get some affiliated discount from the retailers on buying tickets from them. However, ensure that you do not go after a fake site or retailer. Some of the common affiliated discounts are; Corporate Club Discounts, Disney Vacation Club Discounts, Discounts for Residents of Florida, Military and Defense Discounts. Some of the military discounts are affiliated with the AAA discounts. The AAA discounts are tax free and do not come under the regular price quotes. These can be collected from the local offices. One of the unfortunate news is that Disney has cancelled their affiliation with the AAA discounts in 2015 and thus, there are no add-ons or attractive benefits linked to these anymore.

Annual Pass:

Disney World Magic Band Annual PassAnnual pass for the family is one of the best solutions for a family vacation. You need to ensure that you have a budget to travel to Walt Disney World for at least 10 times annually. If this is feasible for you and fits your budget, then the option of an Annual Pass works perfect. There are also other options available such as; booking two of the yearly trips that fall within the number of days in a year. This will help you to break up your activities and holiday plans.

The families with small kids, they may not go for expensive tickets like the Park Hopper as this will be tiresome and with little kids they would not be able to explore much. Try out the water park fun in case you could make it. Your kids will love this place for life.

List down your favorite characters, cartoons, and fun activities that you would want to explore. This will help you to plan your trip according to your preferences.

Recommended activities to explore with the help of Disney World Tickets:

  1. Visit the Magic Kingdom for a breath taking experience. Many dealers will help you to include this activity in your discount ticket.

  2. Take a tour at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s a fun experience for the kids as well as the adults.

  3. The Musical Kingdom of Nemo is another experience not to be missed. Perhaps, it is one of the best shows at Walt Disney.

  4. Spend your time at the Blizzard beach Water Park of Disney for a few magical moments.

  5. The Backstage Disney holds in-depth knowledge and information about the interesting Disney World. This is a good choice for those who wish to know behind the scenes.