New Roller Coaster Mako coming to Sea World Orlando!


Sea World Orlando – Mako Roller Coaster coming 2016!


Sea World Orlando has just made an exciting announcement for 2016.  They unveiled plans for Mako which is their newest thrill coaster ride comes to Orlando next year.  It will be one of the fastest and longest roller coasters ever built in Orlando!  Mako will propel riders along a track that is almost a full mile long, with speeds surpassing over 70 MPH (112 KM/H)!  Mako will be the newest state of the art ‘hyper coaster’ being brought to Orlando, a term reserved for coasters that reach a minimum of 200 feet high and come with a high speed launch reaching speeds close too 70 MPH. 

Mako will be built near the park’s Shark Encounter attraction.  Which makes sense since the Mako Shark (inspiration for the name of the coaster) is the fastest fish in the Ocean.  Mako will be the first new major attraction coming to Sea World Orlando since the the opening of Antarctica:  Empire of the Penguin, which opened back in 2013.  Mako adds to Sea World’s world class coasters already featured in the park, the last of which Manta was opened back in 2009.

Mako will top out at 73 MPH and dethrone the current top speed champ in Orlando, The Incredible Hulk at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure with a top speed of 67 MPH. Mako will also come out on top as the tallest coaster at over 200 ft as well, beating out  the current  tallest coaster in Orlando – Universal Studios’ Rip Ride Rockit which stands at 167 feet.

Mako’s inspiration was derived from the Mako Shark, so expect the new hyper coaster to preform accordingly.  Everything from high top speeds, to extreme jumps and plunges and the ability to change course when they are on the hunt for fresh prey has been incorporated into the ride.

Another cool entertainment feature is that Mako uses a state of the art sound system to enhance riders’ experience both on the ride and on the way to it.  Custom special sound effect and exclusive music scores change from area to area, making this a truly immersive hyper coaster experience.

Fast Facts about Mako:

  • Coming to Sea World Orlando Summer 2016
  • Will hold the title as the fastest, tallest and longest coaster in Orlando!
  • Considered a true hyper coaster because of its top speed and “air time.”
  • Mako is being constructed by the same world renowned company (Bolliger and Mabillard) that also built Sea World’s Manta, Kraken and Busch Gardens Tampa Bays Shiekra.

 Check back as more details become available!