Machine Gun America Targets Orlando

Gunfire might normally make you panic. But visitors can hear the sound without fear at one of the newer attractions in Orlando — Machine Gun America.

It calls itself Central Florida’s “first Automatic Adrenaline Attraction.” And it’s already turning out to be a popular niche attraction here, though one that is definitely different from the normal roller coasters and theme park rides.

It opened with a bang a few months ago, “drawing hordes of firearms fans eager to test out military-grade weapons,” said a news account. Among the shooters: teenagers who were as young as 15.

Visitors can pull the trigger here with some help from the staff. It is the chance to shoot various machine guns (think AK47, M4 assault rifles and RPD machine guns) with live ammunition.

The attraction in Kissimmee allows users to do something they probably never imagined doing: firing a range of automatic and semi-automatic weapons in a variety of themes — from “Zombie Apocalypse” to “Automatic Divas.”

The new attraction, which (appropriately enough) used to be a Sizzlin’ Grill Restaurant, could almost pass for a corporate cafeteria if not for the multitude of weaponry mounted behind the counter. But also defining it is a poster of Osama Bin Laden laying against the glass and the gift shop with T-shirts proclaiming “I shot zombies in Orlando.”

Another T-shirt announces “I shot at Machine Gun America” through words and deeds — or more precisely, the bullet holes in the red and black target on the shirt, which can be mounted in the gun range for shooters.

What makes the attraction unique, said manager Nierenberg, was that no shooter is alone and everyone is joined by a trained “range safety officer,” according to company officials.

“Our mission is simple—to provide each of our guests with big thrills and unforgettable action, as well as a bullet hole-ridden target to take home as a souvenir,” the site says. “You’ll get the opportunity to shoot real machine guns and other world-class firearms or square off in realistic, military-grade simulators for a totally new experience.”

The attraction emphasizes that it is a safe experience,

Live Shooting Experiences start at just $99, High-tech Simulators at $30.

Machine Gun America

5825 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy., Kissimmee

407-278-1800 ###