Tips for Halloween Horror Nights 2015

Jack Face HHW2015

Halloween Horror Nights 2015 

Jack Face HHW2015


Universal Orlando has just announced some frightening details regarding Halloween Horror Nights for 2015.  The press release promises this years special event will be one of the most intense and longest in the parks history.  2015 is looking to be the scariest year yet for this event!  This year’s event will feature a record 9 haunted houses!  There will also be more than double the amount of scareactors compared with previous years.  These scareactors can be found roaming throughout the park with their sole mission to scare guests on their way to the even spookier haunted houses!

Halloween Horror Nights has also announced a record number of dates this event will run through, to accomodate the strong demand.  This year’s events will run 30 nights beginning September 18 and run through November 1st. Stay tuned for more details and discounted pricing when they become available!

Universal Orlando just announced it’s 1st haunted house theme for the year.  It will be a Freddy vs. Jason maze pitting the talon wearing Freddy Krueger against Friday the 13th’s machete wielding Jason.  Guests will be treated to a walk through of the Camp Crystal Lake.  Guests will be immersed in the house to give the feeling of actually being there.  The second half of the experience deals with Freddy as you’re transported to Elm Street via the dream realm.  The walk through ends with a death match between Freddy and Jason as both battle it out until the bitter end.  Alternate endings will keep fans guessing as to who wins the duel depending on the tour you end up on.


2015 marks 24 years Universal Orlando has been showcasing it’s world class Halloween Themed event.  HHN originally started way back in 1991 under the title “Fright Nights”.  The event was renamed the following year in 1992 as Halloween Horror Nights – the title has remained the same ever since.  What originally started as a 3 night event has now expanded to a record 30 nights from Wednesday through Sunday each week. For the first 10 years up until 2001, the event was always held at Universal Orlando Florida.  2002 marked the first year the event was held at Universal’s sister theme park the Islands of Adventure.  In 2004, Universal Orlando experimented with a dual park formatted event which utilized both USO and IOA until 2006 when the event made it’s way back to Universal Orlando and has remained there ever since.  Halloween Horror Nights is a world class event drawing in people from all over the world.  Below is a list of some helpful hints to allow you to make the most of your experience at HHN 2015.


Helpful Tips for HHN 2015


  • It can’t be stressed enough that this is a very intense, scary adult oriented event.  It is recommend for people ages 13+. Although you can technically bring younger guests, it is not recommended.
  • The lines for most of the Haunted Houses have the longest build up towards the middle of the evenings.  It’s recommend to use that time to do other things rather than waste it standing in line.  The lines for the regular attractions opened for use during the event are a great alternative while  you wait for the long lines to thin out going into the end of the evenings.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  It can’t be stressed enough, you will be on your feet for a long long time.  
  • A great way to manage your time in line is to head towards the back of the park when you arrive.  Most people hit the first Haunted House they come across creating long lines out of the gate.  By starting from the rear, you actually work your way against the crowds, allowing you to do more in less time.
  • Get there early! Arriving before the gates open allows you to get ahead of the rush that usually forms right after the park open.