Discount Orlando Dinner Show Tickets

Looking to fill up your evening with a great meal and show?  Orlando, Florida is home to several dinner attractions
guaranteed to entertain the whole family. These Orlando dinner shows provide guests with wonderful entertainment complimented
by a delicious meal.  Each show provides guests with a unique theme that is sure to please each member of your party.

All our dinner show tickets include a freshly prepared meal with unique, action filled themes at a price that can’t be beat.

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Medieval Times Dinner Tickets

At Medieval Times, you will experience one of the greatest dinner and tournaments performed in front of your very eyes. The first
Castle opened up in Spain in 1973 and ever since then, Medieval Times has opened up more dinner show locations across the world to
show you just how great their show is.

The show starts out with a journey back into the 11th century as a king introduces
his daughter to a stable of knights fighting for her honor. You can expect to see for the 2 fun filled hours, horse stunts, joust battles
and bone chilling sword fights to decide a winner. The show is full of twists and turns of trickery and thievery all while you enjoy
a very humble feast of food and 2 rounds of beer and sodas for your taking.

This show is great for young adults and
families looking to be entertained by letting you be apart of a knight’s colored section as you support and hope to see your knight
take all the glory. Medieval Times is a great show that can not be missed.

Pirates Dinner Show Tickets

If your entire family wants to feel like a pirate for an evening, then Pirates Dinner Adventure is the show for you. Pirates Dinner show
is known for its audience participation and will not disappoint you from even before the show to the very end.

Enjoy their
free buffet and pre show of comedic proportions as you’re introduced to your pirates, princess and a showcase of talent. During the show
you can expect to see stunts and exciting battles all aboard an actual pirate ship surrounded by water. This show will get just about
everyone in the audience involved and even the little ones will get to dress up as pirates or guardsmen toward the end of the show.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it was like to be a pirate, The Pirates Dinner Adventure show is your only choice for
a dinner attraction.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

At Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner show you will step into a world of intrigue, comedy, and suspense at Sleuths. Hot and cold hors d’oeuvres
are served to you as you mingle with outrageous characters. Laugh at the antics of comedic award winning actors and watch for clues as
a hilarious mystery unfolds. After the crime takes place, you will savor a sumptuous dinner. As you dine, analyze and discuss the
evidence, then formulate questions to pose to the suspects during an interrogation. Afterwards, make an accusation. Prizes are awarded
to successful sleuths.

Sleuth’s has 11 different shows randomly playing throughout the week, so there is more then a couple
reasons to go back and see a different show. Thousands of crimes have been committed at a dinner theatre in Orlando, Florida since the
year 1980, and criminals continue to strike every night! We need your help! We invite you to witness the dastardly deed, and then become
the detective in solving the whodunit. The mayhem is taking place nightly at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows, where you will die of laughter.